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Software development is my passion. I bought my first PC equipped with a 80286 in the late eighties working with MS-DOS. In 1995 is started my computer science studies at JKU Linz, Austria, and graduated as Dr. techn. at Graz University of Technology in the year 2005.

After founding reecon - a software consulting company - in 2013, I started my next venture with Robotic Eyes where I am acting as technical director.

I am a Linux geek, and currently running Arch Linux on my Macbook Pro. I am a passionate vim user and living mainly in the CLI world.

This site is a collection of interesting stuff I am working on, or things which are keeping me busy. Please feel free to visit my work on GitHub or things we are working on at Robotic Eyes.

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Mar 12, 2019

How suckless changes my life

In the last years, I tried get more efficient by removing bloated software on my machine. Some of you may know that I am running Arch Linux, which builds the basis for my daily activities. On top of it, the terminal is my main working area. Last year I switched from traditional window managers to the tiling window manager dwm. Tiling window managers have the advantage that your screen is not messed up with floating windows which need to be moved, resized using the mouse. ...Read More


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